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Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

The paper edge of the color box is not smooth

There are two reasons for this

1.The quality of the steel cutting rule is poor, the die-cutting adaptability is poor, the edge of the blade is turned white, and the edge of the steel rule is seriously worn, resulting in the phenomenon of crushing; Of course, if the machine die cutting calibration plate fails to follow the operating specifications and the pad paper is not properly applied, the pressure will be too heavy and the blade will be damaged in advance.

Solution: firstly, according to the quality and quantity of die-cutting paper, choose different quality and characteristics of steel cutting rule to improve their die-cutting adaptability; The pressure of calibration plate shall be from light to heavy; Frequently check the cutting edge and wear of the steel rules, and replace it with a new one in case of damage; Generally, the rules imported from Germany and Japan have good durability.

2. It may be that the selection of sponge spring pad is unreasonable, or the fatigue resistance of sponge spring is not good.

Solution: replace the sponge pad immediately; In order to avoid the recurrence of similar phenomena, it is recommended to select professional die-cutting sponge rubber. At present, most of the elastic pads in the market are made of EVA material, with poor rebound speed and fatigue resistance.

Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

After die cutting, the cardboard is stuck on the cutter board

The key reasons are:

The sponge elastic pad pasted around the rule edge is too thin or not hard enough, resulting in insufficient resilience, and the narrow position cannot be ejected, or the sponge elastic pad is unreasonably selected and pasted; The second is that the connection point is too small or unreasonable, and the die-cutting crease breaks.

Solution: The sponge elastic pads with different hardness can be reasonably selected according to the distribution of the steel rule of the cutter die. Different sponge elastic pads can be pasted at different positions during pasting; The connection point shall be made in advance by professional puncher or entrusted rule mold manufacturer.

Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

Inaccurate die cutting and crease position

The causes of the fault are:

The cardboard is deformed or stretched during printing, and overprinting is not allowed. Die cutting machine tooth row is unstable, resulting in inconsistent position during die cutting and paper feeding. The size of the die is inconsistent with the printing surface, and the line position of the die cutting and printing is not aligned.

Solution: re make the rule template according to the actual situation of the printed matter. Adjust the die-cutting paper feeding tooth row to keep the paper feeding position consistent; It is required to avoid the expansion and contraction of the board when making the rule mold, and the rule seam should be accurate; Reduce the influence of printing and material defects on die cutting quality.

Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

The crease is not clear, and there are dark lines and crack lines

The dark line refers to the unnecessary crease, and the crack line refers to the breakage of the cardboard due to the excessive crease pressure.

The causes are:

The paper is too poor and the water content of the paper is too low, which increases its brittleness and reduces its toughness. Improper selection of indentation steel wire; Incorrect calculation of paper thickness and unreasonable selection of indentation groove width; The indentation line is displaced during die cutting.

Solution: pay attention to maintain proper paper humidity; The specification of crease steel rule shall be recalculated and adjusted; Matching appropriate crease height and groove width; Try not to have oil on the steel base plate, which may lead to poor adhesion of crease; The pertinax material or steel mold shall be selected as far as possible to avoid displacement and unclear crease.

Common problems and treatment methods of die cutting and creaseCommon problems and treatment methods of die cutting and crease

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